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Timeline of the Auhiri Edit

The Age of Eon. Edit

0 AE.

  • The first Eon Pillars were discovered by Amos.
  • The pillar produced the first 12 Amilra, the sons and daughters of Amos.
  • Amos convinced the Amilar to fight with him to carve out the space around the pillar so that he could fill the space with creation. He promised each of them space for themselves to create whatever they like.

0 - 1000 AE.

  • Amos and the Amilar carved out the area around the pillar until chaos itself began to retreat.
  • Amos created two kingdoms Otempla for his children and himself to call home and Thera a realm of chaos and creation.

1000 - 2000 AE.

  • Amos began to notice the promise of his eldest son Vernac who showed tremendous leadership and power.
  • Amos began creating many worlds, stars, suns and moons in Thera.
  • Vernac began to despise his father and grew tired of waiting for his peace of Thera.
  • Vernac came to Amos and asked to bless his union with Millara, Amos gave his blessing freely.
  • Vernac and Millara, had three children.
  • Vernac grew increasingly angry and jealous of his father as Amos learned more and more about the primordial magics from the Pillar.
  • He then demanded Amos give him the space he was rightfully owed.
  • Amos sore that some how Chaos had crept into the heart of Vernac. He wanted to avoid conflict less he allow chaos into his heart so he ignored Vernac.
  • Amos began to learn to create more small scale creations. He built a great palace in Otempla where the Amilra would council, hoping it would be a peace offering to Vernac.
  • Vernac was sated for a time while his children grew strong.
  • On the name day of his last child Vernac grew cold and angry once more. In a fit of rage he drew his blades upon his father and demanded he give him the part of Thera he was owed.
  • Amos feared by giving Vernac any power in Thera would result in its corruption by the chaos that had corrupted Vernac.
  • With sorrow filling his heart Amos banished Vernac to the edge of chaos to ensure that it continued to retreat for all eternity.

2000 - 3000 AE

  • After years of contemplation on the power of the Eon Pillar Amos mastered it, truly ascending to godhood.
  • From the empty space Amos created Auhiri meaning first dirt.
  • Amos grew tired of the quiet and used the power of the pillar to create water and then the trees and beast off the land and seas.
  • Finally he created the first of the warden races to tend the land. He dug great mountains of ethonium from the earth and forged them into the first mortals.

3000 - 6000 AE

  • After thousand of years Amos realised that the Ethoniums where to powerful they broke the land asunder and killed many of the beasts of land and sea. So with great sorrow Amos locked them away deep beneath the soil so that Auhiri might recover.
  • Avirion Second Born of the Amilra created the new shepherds of the land. he dug great swaths of gold from the core of the world and forged them into the first elves, but the elves did not swim in the sea or climb the high mountains, they preferred the calm of the forest and the babbling brooks.
  • Lygira Third Born of the Amilra sore that the elves did not tend to the seas and great sea drakes, leviathans and other monstrous sea beasts had begun to grow. she took lakes of molten silver from deep in the earth and forged them into the first Tritons to shepherd the oceans.
  • Navira Fifth Born of the Amilra sore the great planes grew wild, full of great Behemoths and feral worgs. To keep these beasts in check she took the earth itself and forged it into the first Orcs.
  • Tor Sixth Born of the Amilra sore that the mountains grew violent and full of Trolls and Great White Dragons. Out of Mythril the hardest element she knew she forged the first Dwarves.

6000 - 7000 AE

  • The peoples of the land began to learn of each other.
  • The warden races took to worshiping the Amilra as a pantheon of gods. Building great temples and sacrificing beasts of chaos to them. The Amilra found the worship bolstered there powers.
  • Millara came to many mortals and told them of Vernac and about his vigor in the fights against the beasts of chaos.
  • Vernac was officially added to the Pantheon with the other gods.
  • Vernac began to enter the mind of those who worshiped him and through him chaos infected there hearts. Filling them with anger, jealousy, hatred and greed.
  • Millara was banished to the edge of chaos for her hand in corrupting the mortals
  • Small wars began and each race began studying magic and created mechanical beast for battle.
  • A great war began and treated the fabric of Thera.
  • Amos took iron not the most beautiful and not the strongest element but he worked for one hundred days and one hundred nights and created the race of humans and named them the Shepard's of peace.

7000 - 8000 AE

  • Humans remained unstained by chaos and thrived under the watchful eye of Amos, in return the Humans kept peace among the other races.

8000- 9000 AE

  • In the outer edges of space Vernac, Millara and there children continued to follow the retreating chaos until another Eon pillar emerged from it
  • Vernac studied its power for many years. Until mastering it and ascending to true godhood.

9000 - 10000 AE

  • Vernac used his new power to create hords of Verlia out of the raw power of the pillar. The Velira where extremely powerful second only too Amos and the Amilra. Vernac sore these beasts as his children.
  • Vernacs new children began to propagate and venture through space when the eventually came across Golvax 9th born of the Amilra who took them to be creatures of the chaos and slew them.
  • He went quickly to Otempla the home of the Amilra to warn them of the potential return of the chaos however as he stood and addressed the Amilra and Amos a shadow crept over Otempla, Vernac appeared behind Golvax and drove a blade through his spine and using grand magic to snuff out the Eon spark that gave him life. It is said with that first Murder of one of the Amilra all the others gained more strength.
  • Invigorated by the energy they gained and anger of the lose of their brother the other Amilra quickly ran into battle.
  • Amos sat shocked on his crystal throne.
  • Despite Vernacs obvious magical superiority he seemed to be losing to the overwhelming number of his brothers and sisters.
  • Vernac created magical copies of him self but one by one they fell shattering into glass.
  • Lygiria approached Vernac with her great battle axe drawn, the doors of Otempla burst open and there in under the archways stood Millara at the head of an army of Velira. Her blood children where strangely missing.
  • Vernac smiled as the rest of the Amilra realized there possible fate at the hands of such overwhelming numbers.
  • Amos stood slowly in his chair still beset from grief.
  • Amilra Conjured into his hand a great white spear, with a wave of it he sent everything in the room stopped except Vernac.
  • Vernac grind again as he picked up his black short swords, they shared an argument Amos pleaded with Vernac to go.
  • Vernac could not be sated. It is said they dueled for 10 hole day and nights. In the end Amos stood triumphant but not without being grievously wounded.
  • He need time to heal.
  • Amos took Millara aside and he reasoned and bargained with her for a long while eventually and agreement was magically carved into Amos's crystal throne declaring that no Amilra or Velira could walk apon the mortal realm with out relinquishing there power and entering a mortal vesicle.
  • After the agreement was signed and Millara and the Velira returned safely to Vernacs Pillar.
  • Amos wounded and dying chose walk the earth in a mortal vesicle to take in all the wonders that he and his children had created. He lived one mortal life committing many great acts, fathering the line of human emperors and watching chaos infect humanity. Amos postulated that the infection of all things by chaos was unstoppable. Tho he felt comfort seeing what great lengths the Warden races would go to in order to quell there inner chaos.
  • Upon the death of his mortal vessel, he sore that no mater how much chaos tried to take the hearts of mortals it would could never completly snuff out the spark of creation.
  • Amos returned to the heavens and created a place for the mortals to come when they died. In case Millara ever broke her word Amos created a heavenly host of Golvilra naming them after his fallen son. They where equal in power to the Velira made from pure power of the Amos's Pillar.
  • In case the Golvilra ever became infected with chaos Amos added them to the agreement so that at very least the mortal realm would be protected until his return. With this finale act Amos fell to his back and entered an unending sleep.
  • His body was later found by Tetra 8th born of the Amilra who carried him to his throne.
  • The crystals of his throne grew around him and became a great tomb. Sealing the agreement inside with him.

The Age of Mythril Edit

0 - 100 AM Edit

  • The biggest earthquakes know to history strikes the Dwarven Capital City of Zasi its stone work crumbled and many thousands of dwarves died.
  • The remaining dwarven women and children fleed the moutains into the open plains where they thought it would be safe. The men stayed behined to gather what supplies thay could for a long journey to Shama another dwarven city built in the cradle of a long extinct volcano.
  • When the men finally cought up to the women and children they where horrified to see they had been killed or kidnapped. Bodies of Orcs lay on the ground lending ro the theory that the Orcs had taken the dwarves to work as slaves in the salt mines.
  • The Dwarves buried there dead and left for Shama. The Zasi Dwarves told the Shamari about the horifying act that had been comited by the Orcs.
  • six new members of the 18 stong high council where chosen from the remaining Zasi as the council members from Zasi had been lost in the quake.
  • in the councils first meet the sanctioned dwarven raids up and down the edge of there borders with the Orc lands.
  • So began a war between dwarves and Orcs that would last close to 100 year.
  • By the end of the war only one great Orc chieftain, Rigord, was able to keep his people from being taken into the mountains to work in Dwarven slave mines.

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